Homeward Bound

You are a Rex; A very known goodboy in a city somewhere in the state. Everybody loves you.. Until one day, you were picked up and blindfolded, Unaware of where you are, you wake up in a small cell.

But you remember stories other animals have told you about there being disappearances. About 99% of the time, they never come back or the other 1% just don't remember anything. 

It's time for you to escape and warn everybody that this is not a joke.

Can you escape?

A small game developed in pico-8 by a small indie team, Team SKYNITE. A test game in a series of games that we are planning for the Game Off 2019. Our goal was to see if we can complete a game as junior developers/hobbyists. This was our first time making a game together as well as building a game (I work as a Web Developer). So we learned as we went and it was fun. With the completion of our first simple game, we decided to take on another project to continue the storyline (with actual story!)

Development time: 2 days
website: https://teamskynite.net

Nikki X - Main Programmer
Matt S - Level Design/Coder
Mei S - Art


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Hi, i cant rate the game if it doesn't function. Can't get it to start for some reason. Help?

Press x to play :)